Aquiloni by Derek Castiglioni

Derek Castiglioni, plantfluencer of the design world

Cold winter days and early sunsets call for an extra dose of escapism and tropical vibes that make us visualise the summer bliss. Last week, in my previous post, I focused on botanical trends influencing bathroom and wellness design, so now I would like to take a closer look at outdoor furniture inspired by exotic plants and vintage gardens. More precisely, at Aquiloni, a capsule collection created by Italian outdoor space designer Derek Castiglioni, whose Instagram feed fills me with serious garden envy. If you’re obsessed with plants and stylish design as much as I am, read on. 

Inciso collection by Gessi and David Rockwell

Tropical bathroom decor by Gessi

I would like this very first post on Dreams & Design to reflect my personal interest in nature. So today I will talk about the current tropical bathroom decor trend and ways to incorporate greenery into everyday domestic spaces. 

Those of you who follow me on Instagram already know that I have a soft spot for flowers and basically all things botanical. And it’s not only me – the whole generation of millennials has been credited for the emergence of the so called ‘urban jungle’ trend on social media with images of homegrown monsteras, cacti and giant fiddle leaf figs making a regular appearance on our Instagram feeds. Some view this trend as a reaction against the aggressive property development in metropolitan areas that has led to dramatic decrease in green public spaces and houses with gardens, or it might simply be a healthy way to ease the pressure of modern life. Either way, in recent years the concept of wellness has become synonymous with creating a botanical oasis in the heart of a busy urban environment. A space infused with green energy that you can also recreate in your own home, where else if not in the most private part of your apartment? 

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