Many of you love winter and the carnival as they conjure the magic atmosphere of lights and illumination. So it’s a perfect time to talk about lighting solutions for modern interiors. Personally, I’m always mesmerised by the creative use of lighting that can instantly add character to any interior. We’re used to seeing a classic crystal chandelier inside a palace or a heritage building, but what about contemporary spaces? Let’s have a look at brands from Italy, Thailand and the Czech Republic that transform pendants and chandeliers into sculptural works of art. The list is by no means complete, but hopefully, it’s enough to give you an idea. 

Slamp Desert Rose lamps Fuksas
Desert Rose lamps in white and gold Photo: dreamsanddesign


Slamp is one of the leading light manufacturers, present on the Italian market for almost 30 years. It’s a go-to lighting brand for modern interiors. Slamp’s portfolio boasts collaborations with renowned architects and designers such as Zaha Hadid, Alessandro Mendini, Daniel Libeskind, Studio Job to name only a few. Decorative and original, the forms of Slamp lighting draw inspiration from the worlds of art and architecture. One of my favourite Slamp creations is the Desert Rose suspension designed by Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas, available in white and gold. Its lacework texture allows for a light and shadow play that mirrors the vibrations of hot air in the desert. 

Slamp Aria suspension Zaha Hadid
Fluid and transparent: the Aria suspension by Zaha Hadid Photo: dreamsanddesign

Sculptural shapes can also be transparent as in the Aria suspension by Zaha Hadid, its fluid form reflecting the visionary style of the late starchitect. The flowing, floor to ceiling effect is also present in the modular design of the Hugo suspension that is made of Slamp’s award-winning Prisma Lentiflex material. All three lamps guarantee a strong visual impact in any modern space. 

Slamp Hugo module chandelier
Cascading down: the Slamp Hugo suspension Photo: dreamsanddesign


Masiero, an Italian company based near Treviso, combines Venetian tradition with innovative techniques. Looking for flexible solutions? The Raqam family of chandeliers comes in many shapes and sizes thanks to modular elements that can be arranged according to the needs. Created in collaboration with Marc Sadler (Lighting Designer of the Year award in 2017), Raqam illuminates both grand and small spaces and fills them with poetic energy. 

Raquam P4 chandelier by Masiero
Beauty and mystery: Raquam P4 chandelier Photo: dreamsanddesign
Raqam C chandelier by Masiero
Raqam C chandelier by Masiero Photo: dreamsanddesign


This iconic Venetian company specialises in Murano glass, but they have already updated their signature aesthetic with ultramodern designs. The Crown suspension offers a radiant, contemporary spin on the centuries-old tradition of Venetian light design. Created by Danish designer Brian Rasmussen, the Crown brings an extra sparkle to luxury, minimalist interiors. 

Crown chandelier Barovier Toso
The Crown chandelier by Barovier& Toso Photo: dreamsanddesign


For Ango, a Bangkok-based project set up by British designer Angus Hutcheson, modern lighting means not only sculptural shapes but also experimental, organic materials such as silk cocoon, mulberry tree bark and rattan. Eye-catching and artisanal, Ango’s creations wouldn’t look out of place in a contemporary art gallery.

Ango Evolutionary Ceiling Light
Ango Evolutionary Ceiling Light made of silk cocoon
Photo: dreamsanddesign


Finally, a Czech brand that has recently opened a showroom in Milan. Their new Puro Sparkle line redefines the tradition of Bohemian glassmaking. Designed by Brokis’ creative director Lucie Koldova, the Puro Sparkle chandelier is made of opal and grey glass tubes radiating outward. Its solar shape can enhance a modern living room or make a powerful visual statement inside a lobby. 

Puro Sparkle chandelier by Brokis
Puro Sparkle chandelier Photo: Brokis

These unique chandeliers prove that lighting can be such a creative tool in contemporary design. Which one is your favourite?