Searching for the best interior design books to add to your shelf? Or maybe give them to a special someone who cares about taste and beauty as much as you do? These travel-inspired tomes will offer plenty of inspiration to beginners and seasoned professionals alike. After all, is there a better way to chase away the pandemic gloom than indulging in a little wanderlust fantasy with a good book on your lap? The eye has to travel, as Diana Vreeland, the legendary Vogue editor used to say. This, at least for the time being, can happen mostly in our imagination. Here’s a list of the best interior design books, Dreams & Design-approved, mostly new releases that will likely spark your interest.

Best interior design books to add to your collection in 2022

Living in Mexico

You may all know Tulum as one of the (rather infamous) Instagram hotspots, but the visual appeal of Mexico is far more than that. The updated version of the Taschen album by an experienced writer-photographer duo, Barbara & René Stoeltie, invites you to explore different styles and interiors. From Mayan huts to the Constructivist homes by Luis Barragán, this eclectic portfolio portrays the Mexican heritage in all its ethnic and historical diversity.

The best interior design books Living in Mexico Taschen

For the fans of…sensual colours and cultural mix. 

Great Escapes USA. The Hotel Book

If the journey across the USA is your ultimate road trip, this alluring book by Angelika Taschen and Christiane Reiter will introduce you to accommodations as diverse as vast American landscapes. East-Coast country houses, glamourous hotels, scenic ranches and hippie-vibe motels, you name it, they can all be your source of inspiration. Not to mention some striking examples of the iconic American mid-century design. Curated images paired with pro tips.

Great Escapes USA The Hotel Book Taschen

For the fans of…romantic escapades and unique accommodations.

Beauty and the East: New Chinese Architecture

Far from clichés, this album, published by Gestalten, presents a fresh look on Chinese architecture created by a new generation of architects and interior designers. Flip trough the pages and you will find evocative images of both private and communal spaces in urban and rural areas of mainland China. They share a common thread, a quest for the new identity that unites tradition and innovation. Buy if you’re curious about independent architects addressing ecological and social challenges in rapidly changing China.

Beauty and the East New Chinese Architecture

For the fans of…contemporary architecture and zen minimalism.

The New Mediterranean

Life’s a beach, at least in this sensual album that celebrates the Mediterranean aesthetic by featuring various projects in several countries. Even though some of these rustic retreats and sun-drenched interiors happen to be in Brazil or Australia, they’re all united by the Mediterranean sensibility. Learn more about architects and designers that reinterpret this timeless style for the 21st century. If warm light and traditional craftsmanship set your imagination on fire, you won’t be disappointed.

The best interior design books The New Mediterranean

For the fans of…earthy tones and terracotta.

Real Nordic Living

Are you already familiar with ‘hygge’ and ‘lagom’? If yes, it’s time to expand your Nordic vocabulary beyond these terms. Unlike many other publications, this tome by Dorothea Gundtoft takes a holistic approach towards Nordic living in its many forms. So be prepared to see not only beautiful places and interiors, but also some inspirational fashion, art and gourmet food. This makes ‘Real Nordic Living’ highly recommendable for anyone with an affinity for the Scandinavian style.

Real Nordic Living Design Food Art Travel

For the fans of…Scandinavian lifestyle and haute cuisine.

Baltic Homes

Unlike the Mediterranean, the Baltic Sea may never become a tourist blockbuster. Let alone influence global interior design trends on such a scale. Still, it’s a fascinating region to explore if you prefer cooler climates and slightly nostalgic vibes. This book by Laura Gutman-Hanhivaara, illustrated with photos by Solvi dos Santos, invites you to twenty unique houses, from fishermen cottages to manor houses. All of them can be found along the coast of Denmark, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

The Best Interior Design Books Baltic Homes

For the fans of…northern charm and unorthodox destinations.

Timeless Paris

If you, like me, have recently seen ‘The French Dispatch’, the latest Wes Anderson movie, you might be in the mood for some more quintessentially French aesthetic. This recently published book by Marin Montagut features many hidden gems, artists’ ateliers and artisan workshops established centuries ago. From Maison du Pastel, where Degas bought his pigments, to Passementerie Verrier selling trimmings since 1753. This unusual travel guide will delight anyone with a keen eye for detail and traditional French craftsmanship. 

The best interior design books Timeless Paris

For the fans of…Wes Anderson and retro curiosities.

Inside Marrakesh

Finally, the last album on the list of the best interior design books, pays homage to a mysterious and sensual African city. Marrakesh has always inspired creatives of all kinds, many of whom decided to settle there. Meryanne Loum-Martin guides us through the most fascinating districts and residences owned by socialites, famous architects and designers. Expect plenty of lush gardens, magical fountains, colourful tiles and tranquil courtyards that inspire to dream.

Inside Marrakesh Enchanting Homes and Gardens

For the fans of…riads and exotic gardens.