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London art exhibitions summer 2021 Yayoi Kusama

7 must-see art exhibitions in London this summer 2021

Are you looking for information about the most interesting art exhibitions in London for summer 2021? Dreams & Design has asked Cristina Ricci, a London-based arts writer and curator, to name her favourite contemporary art shows happening this summer (tough choice!). I’m sure many of you can’t wait to travel again and finally be able to experience and communicate with art in person. Discover Cristina’s personal recommendations below. However, if you can’t make it to London, you can still follow @criview on Instagram for updates on art events and exhibitions.

Tips for aspiring collectors

Art Advisor shares tips for aspiring collectors

Art can help us express ourselves and make our interiors truly unique. What if you want to start building your own art collection, but don’t know where to begin? Today I’m having a conversation with Desislava Eick, the founder of Young Collectors and an experienced Art Advisor, who shares her tips and inspirations for aspiring collectors. Desislava’s Instagram is a visual treat for everyone, who like Dreams & Design, is crazy in love with contemporary art. Scroll down for the full interview.

William Wegman MASI Lugano exhibition

10 art and design exhibitions to see in Italy

Dark and cold months are a great time for introspection and germination of new ideas that will turn into new projects come spring. If you agree, check out this list of 10 most exciting art and design exhibitions in Italy, an all-year-round destination for art lovers.

Here I don’t mean only great masterpieces of the past, but also current exhibitions devoted to art, design, photography and architecture. Below you will find a Dreams & Design roundup of the most interesting events on show in various Italian cities between now and early 2020. 

Dan Flavin Cardi Gallery Milano

Contemporary Art in Milan: Dan Flavin and Carlos Amorales exhibitions

Besides fashion and design, the capital of Lombardy is known for its vibrant art scene. And here I don’t mean only Leonardo da Vinci and masterpieces of the past, but also contemporary art in Milan. There are still a couple of days left to see two exhibitions at the local galleries – the works by Dan Flavin at Cardi Gallery and ‘The Accursed Hour’ by Carlos Amorales at Fondazione Adolfo Pini. Even if you can’t make it this time, I recommend that you keep an eye on their future events that will surely inspire anyone working in the creative industries or simply art lovers. Scroll down for more information and my photos from the exhibitions. 

The Neon and Mellow collection by Umzikim

Creative interior design brands for art lovers

Art and design are natural allies when it comes to creating spaces that are vibrant and full of character. It’s not uncommon to see iconic design pieces exhibited at art galleries as these pieces alone can usher in creative vibes with or without additional artworks. But are these to be found at the galleries only? Not really. Nodus, Altreforme and Umzikim are three interior design brands for art lovers. They have captured my attention for their sheer originality and willingness to take risks. If you’re ready to depart from the pared-down Scandinavian aesthetic already present on countless interior blogs, these names are definitely worth checking out. Let’s have a closer look at some of their products.

erwin blumenfeld foam Amsterdam

10 European art and design exhibitions to inspire your imagination in 2019

January is the perfect month to start planning your holidays and cultural activities in the coming year. Here’s a Dreams & Design roundup of some exciting contemporary art, fashion, photography and design exhibitions in Europe likely to inspire your future weekend getaways. Ten different cities, ten exhibitions that might encourage you to book a trip in 2019. 

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