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Hanna Anonen Cocktail ceiling lamp and Merry-go-round tables

Design from Finland: cult classics and new interior brands

Finland, a country within the Arctic circle, strewn with thousands of lakes, sauna, reindeers, great outdoors and introverted locals. A Nordic nation that treasures silence, but has nevertheless succeeded in building a coherent visual narrative, where everyday design objects speak louder than words and communicate the values of Finnish society. When it comes to furniture design, Finland has often been overshadowed by its Scandinavian neighbours, Sweden and Denmark, yet its contribution to global design and the role of women in creating it, deserve its own place in the spotlight. Let’s have a look at the brief history of Finnish design classics as well as some new, exciting brands to discover. 

The Neon and Mellow collection by Umzikim

Creative interior design brands for art lovers

Art and design are natural allies when it comes to creating spaces that are vibrant and full of character. It’s not uncommon to see iconic design pieces exhibited at art galleries as these pieces alone can usher in creative vibes with or without additional artworks. But are these to be found at the galleries only? Not really. Nodus, Altreforme and Umzikim are three interior design brands for art lovers. They have captured my attention for their sheer originality and willingness to take risks. If you’re ready to depart from the pared-down Scandinavian aesthetic already present on countless interior blogs, these names are definitely worth checking out. Let’s have a closer look at some of their products.

Flou Softbench modular sofa

Flou, minimal luxury bedroom design made in Italy

Flou is one of those iconic Italian brands that marked the history of 20th century interior design. Famous for their beds and luxury bedroom design, they’ve recently expanded their offer into various types of furniture. Last year I had a chance to tour their stand and view both bestselling and new products from their latest collection. Now I would like to share my impressions and photos that may inspire those of you who are into minimalism and refined, contemporary interiors. 

Slamp Hugo module chandelier

Sculptural lighting for modern interiors

Many of you love winter and the carnival as they conjure the magic atmosphere of lights and illumination. So it’s a perfect time to talk about lighting solutions for modern interiors. Personally, I’m always mesmerised by the creative use of lighting that can instantly add character to any interior. We’re used to seeing a classic crystal chandelier inside a palace or a heritage building, but what about contemporary spaces? Let’s have a look at brands from Italy, Thailand and the Czech Republic that transform pendants and chandeliers into sculptural works of art. The list is by no means complete, but hopefully, it’s enough to give you an idea. 

Favn sofa Fritz Hansen

Home decor for your zodiac sign part 2

In my previous post I shared some interior design picks for the first six astrological signs, from Aries to Virgo. Now it’s time to talk about the remaining half of the Zodiac. Have you already read about your sun sign? If so, don’t forget about your ascendant. And if you don’t believe in astrology, well, you can still learn about some exciting products. Here’s my home decor guide for your zodiac sign!

Crystalline Vases Milan Pekar Studio

Home decor for your zodiac sign

New Year, new beginnings that make us guess what kind of vibes the coming twelve months will bring into our lives (and our homes). Some turn to astrology sites for the answers, but you don’t need to believe in Jupiter transits to read my semi-serious guide to home decor for every zodiac sign. Happy New Year! Hope for an inspiring and creative one!

Etro Home Collection

Etro Home Collection, interiors inspired by wanderlust

The end of the year is a perfect time to indulge in making future travel plans or simply fantasise about some far-flung destinations. So I would like to use this opportunity to talk about interior trends inspired by travel in the latest collection by Etro Home Interiors. Travel is one of the few spheres of life that appeal to our imagination and inspire dreams. No wonder that it’s always been a treasure trove of inspiration for the design world, both in fashion and interior decoration. Marrakesh, India, Uzbekistan, the Far East and Bali are all mainstays on the list of destinations that inform the visual imageries of today. Have you been to any of them? Would like to know how their culture and aesthetic influence interior decor? Or maybe you’re looking for ways to include the spirit of wanderlust into your own space? Either way, here’s a recap of my visit to the Etro Home Interiors stand during the last edition of Salone del Mobile in Milan. 

Aquiloni by Derek Castiglioni

Derek Castiglioni, plantfluencer of the design world

Cold winter days and early sunsets call for an extra dose of escapism and tropical vibes that make us visualise the summer bliss. Last week, in my previous post, I focused on botanical trends influencing bathroom and wellness design, so now I would like to take a closer look at outdoor furniture inspired by exotic plants and vintage gardens. More precisely, at Aquiloni, a capsule collection created by Italian outdoor space designer Derek Castiglioni, whose Instagram feed fills me with serious garden envy. If you’re obsessed with plants and stylish design as much as I am, read on. 

Inciso collection by Gessi and David Rockwell

Tropical bathroom decor by Gessi

I would like this very first post on Dreams & Design to reflect my personal interest in nature. So today I will talk about the current tropical bathroom decor trend and ways to incorporate greenery into everyday domestic spaces. 

Those of you who follow me on Instagram already know that I have a soft spot for flowers and basically all things botanical. And it’s not only me – the whole generation of millennials has been credited for the emergence of the so called ‘urban jungle’ trend on social media with images of homegrown monsteras, cacti and giant fiddle leaf figs making a regular appearance on our Instagram feeds. Some view this trend as a reaction against the aggressive property development in metropolitan areas that has led to dramatic decrease in green public spaces and houses with gardens, or it might simply be a healthy way to ease the pressure of modern life. Either way, in recent years the concept of wellness has become synonymous with creating a botanical oasis in the heart of a busy urban environment. A space infused with green energy that you can also recreate in your own home, where else if not in the most private part of your apartment? 

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