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Noroo Group Tides Ventura Centrale 2019 Milan Design Week

The most beautiful site-specific installations at Milan Design Week 2019

The most intense design week of the year is over. It took me quite a few weeks to digest all the information and the visual input. In this post I would like to share my personal impressions from Milan Design Week 2019. The sheer number of events of the Fuorisalone happening around Milan at times felt overwhelming, but as you will see, I organised my itinerary mainly around exhibitions related to art and environmental topics. While it’s true that, unfortunately, some events open to the general public lacked the scale and innovation of previous editions, I still found those that were thought-provoking or simply appealed to my sensitivity.

For my recap, I’ve chosen design installations with a spatial dimension, set up in the historical environments of Milan. They transformed these locations with contemporary vibes and the end result, a poetic mix of the past and present, created a high visual impact. If you’re curious or missed any of them, I invite you to discover my picks. 

Onni collection Marimekko spring/summer 2019

5 new products to see at Milan Design Week 2019

Milan Design Week – the most important design fair of 2019 is about to start next week. The number of exhibitions around Milan can be overwhelming – there are already many guides offering itineraries in various parts of the city. Here I would like to share 5 new products to be shown during Milan Design Week, in different styles for diverse tastes. Minimalists, lovers of Nordic design and modern lighting, maximalists and fashionistas – scroll down to discover my picks. 

Bauhaus Dessau

Bauhaus 100 – books, architecture trips and exhibitions

This year we celebrate the centenary of the influential movement in architecture, art and design. One hundred years since its creation, the Bauhaus philosophy still defines what we consider modern and minimal and has significantly influenced our tastes in interiors, furniture and fashion. Here’s my selection of books, exhibitions and travel ideas that will give you a taste of Bauhaus 100 in 2019 and beyond. 

The Ribbon chair by Nika Zupanc for Queeboo

My favourite pieces by 5 women designers

Following International Women’s Day I’ve felt the need to feature my favourite pieces by leading women product designers. It’s not that I believe that women’s creativity should be put into a separate compartment or celebrated only once a year. In fact, it’s been challenging to narrow down my list to just a few designers. Their work invites you to enter a universe, built from unique references, that expands beyond the purely decorative aspect of design into deeper issues related to culture, society and technology. Scroll down if you’re curious about my picks.

The Cosmo sofa by Opera Contemporary Salone del Mobile

Luxury interior design trends from unique Italian brands – Opera Contemporary, Fratelli Boffi and Gallotti&Radice

Today I would like to talk about luxury interior design trends by Italian brands. Opera Contemporary, Fratelli Boffi and Gallotti & Radice – they might not be household names, but their products and aesthetic reflect current trends in both luxury design and hospitality sector. Let’s have a closer look at their collections. 

Hanna Anonen Cocktail ceiling lamp and Merry-go-round tables

Design from Finland: cult classics and new interior brands

Finland, a country within the Arctic circle, strewn with thousands of lakes, sauna, reindeers, great outdoors and introverted locals. A Nordic nation that treasures silence, but has nevertheless succeeded in building a coherent visual narrative, where everyday design objects speak louder than words and communicate the values of Finnish society. When it comes to furniture design, Finland has often been overshadowed by its Scandinavian neighbours, Sweden and Denmark, yet its contribution to global design and the role of women in creating it, deserve its own place in the spotlight. Let’s have a look at the brief history of Finnish design classics as well as some new, exciting brands to discover. 

Inspiring floral accounts to follow on Instagram

Inspiring floral accounts to follow on Instagram

Are you looking for ways to summon some much needed spring vibes? Start with your Instagram feed and follow some extraordinary floral profiles that cross the boundaries between nature, art and interiors. From florists and set designers to avant-garde magazines and established institutions – discover ten floral accounts to follow on Instagram to get you in the #inspiredbypetals mood. 

The Neon and Mellow collection by Umzikim

Creative interior design brands for art lovers

Art and design are natural allies when it comes to creating spaces that are vibrant and full of character. It’s not uncommon to see iconic design pieces exhibited at art galleries as these pieces alone can usher in creative vibes with or without additional artworks. But are these to be found at the galleries only? Not really. Nodus, Altreforme and Umzikim are three interior design brands for art lovers. They have captured my attention for their sheer originality and willingness to take risks. If you’re ready to depart from the pared-down Scandinavian aesthetic already present on countless interior blogs, these names are definitely worth checking out. Let’s have a closer look at some of their products.

Flou Softbench modular sofa

Flou, minimal luxury bedroom design made in Italy

Flou is one of those iconic Italian brands that marked the history of 20th century interior design. Famous for their beds and luxury bedroom design, they’ve recently expanded their offer into various types of furniture. Last year I had a chance to tour their stand and view both bestselling and new products from their latest collection. Now I would like to share my impressions and photos that may inspire those of you who are into minimalism and refined, contemporary interiors. 

erwin blumenfeld foam Amsterdam

10 European art and design exhibitions to inspire your imagination in 2019

January is the perfect month to start planning your holidays and cultural activities in the coming year. Here’s a Dreams & Design roundup of some exciting contemporary art, fashion, photography and design exhibitions in Europe likely to inspire your future weekend getaways. Ten different cities, ten exhibitions that might encourage you to book a trip in 2019. 

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