Unique, intriguing and imaginative – these are three qualities you should take into consideration when buying a gift for a designer lover.  If this sounds challenging, scroll down for Dreams & Design gift ideas for design lovers, all under 100 euro, that will please the aesthetically-minded people in your life. No matter if it’s for Christmas, their birthday or without any occasion (the best ones). Or maybe you want to reward yourself with something beautiful for all your efforts in the past year?

For the lovers of Japan and imperfection

Kintsugi collection by Seletti

Kintsugi tableware collection by Marcantonio for Seletti

Finding beauty in imperfection is no mean feat, but Kintsugi, the ancient Japanese art technique of repairing porcelain helps to achieve this goal. This method of gluing broken pieces with 24-carat gold powder has inspired Italian designer Marcantonio to create an entire tableware collection for Seletti.  Bowls, mugs, plates and trays are made from broken pieces joined by golden veins. In this way Kintsugi unites classic elegance with a contemporary touch in tune with the brand’s eccentric style. 

For the lovers of wine and classic sculpture

Hestia Corkscrew by DOIY Design

rs hestia corkscrew 2 Hestia corkscrew by DOIY Design

Have you noticed that ancient statues from Greek and Roman mythology are now common accessories for interior styling? The Spanish brand DOIY Design picked up this trend and translated it into playful kitchen accessories. Dionisio, the Greek god of wine, is a perfect fit for a polyresin bottle corkscrew . There’s something timeless and neoromantic about its elegant shape.

For the lovers of Paris and eclectic interiors

Hidden Paris. Discovering and Exploring Parisian interiors by Caroline Clifton-Mogg

Hidden Paris. Discovering and exploring Parisian interiors

This book is a tribute to Parisian architecture and interior style, both past and present. The first part is devoted to exteriors and the most iconic elements of the City of Lights’ architecture throughout the ages. The second part offers a rare glimpse into several private apartments in various styles. They range from classic chic to contemporary minimalism and bohemian eclecticism. Far from clichès, ‘Hidden Paris’ shows how the incredible legacy of the French capital influences tastes of artists, collectors and designers who live in the apartments. 

For the lovers of geometry and glass

Candlestick by Hübsch

Amber candlestick by Hubsch interiors

Most of you probably link the Nordic concept of hygge to interiors that are cosy and understated. However, this idea can be also introduced in a very modern and colourful way. The Danish brand Hübsch created a set of sculpture-like crystal candlesticks in seductive shades of amber, pink, blue and smoke grey. They can serve as decorative objects on their own or they can help you to create a magical candle light mood. 

For the lovers of collages and surreal vibes

posters by Aleksandra Morawiak

Halfworlds Earth Red collage by Aleksandra Morawiak

If you’re looking for dreamy collages inspired by the world of nature, Polish illustrator Aleksandra Morawiak is a name worth checking out. She describes her works as liquid memory collages, because they demonstrate a masterful use of colour and shape. The associations are always gentle, poetic, calm, but still loaded with meaning. Some of the artworks on sale have been originally published in leading fashion and design magazines in Poland and abroad. 

For the lovers of yoga and eco design

Moonholi yoga mats

moonholi Illumination yoga mat by Moonholi

Practicing yoga is all about the harmony of body and mind. A beautifully designed yoga mat can definitely help to achieve this goal and encourage a regular practice. Moonholi yoga mats feature mystical patterns created with plant paints. Moreover, they are made of natural rubber that is 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly. The Moonholi Illumination yoga mat pattern is perfect for meditation. It shows the Third Eye and the Hand of Fatima, an ancient symbol of feminine power. 

For the lovers of colour and journals

Limited Edition Journal, Classic Blue by Pantone

Pantone 2020 classic blue limited edition journal

Pantone 19-4052, the colour of 2020, otherwise known as Classic Blue, stands for calm, elegance  and intensity. Its message to the world is to expand our horizons, cultivate open-mindedness and facilitate communication. These values appeal to creatives, so a journal in Classic Blue will be an ideal blank space to brainstorm and jot down new ideas.

For the lovers of architecture and Nordic style 

New Nordic Houses by Dominic Bradbury

New Nordic Houses book

Finally, the last item on our list of gift ideas for design lovers is a new album devoted to the Nordic residential design. It features a variety of buildings from rural cabins and coastal retreats to townhouses and country homes. All of them are designed by leading architects from the region such as Jon Danielsen Aarhus, Tham & Videgård, Snorre Stinessen, Reiulf Ramstad and Todd Saunders. These buildings remain sensitive to the surrounding landscape and Scandinavian lifestyle. Moreover, the book includes detailed plans that highlight the architectural concept behind the projects.