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erwin blumenfeld foam Amsterdam

10 European art and design exhibitions to inspire your imagination in 2019

January is the perfect month to start planning your holidays and cultural activities in the coming year. Here’s a Dreams & Design roundup of some exciting contemporary art, fashion, photography and design exhibitions in Europe likely to inspire your future weekend getaways. Ten different cities, ten exhibitions that might encourage you to book a trip in 2019. 

Favn sofa Fritz Hansen

Home decor for your zodiac sign part 2

In my previous post I shared some interior design picks for the first six astrological signs, from Aries to Virgo. Now it’s time to talk about the remaining half of the Zodiac. Have you already read about your sun sign? If so, don’t forget about your ascendant. And if you don’t believe in astrology, well, you can still learn about some exciting products. Here’s my home decor guide for your zodiac sign!

Crystalline Vases Milan Pekar Studio

Home decor for your zodiac sign

New Year, new beginnings that make us guess what kind of vibes the coming twelve months will bring into our lives (and our homes). Some turn to astrology sites for the answers, but you don’t need to believe in Jupiter transits to read my semi-serious guide to home decor for every zodiac sign. Happy New Year! Hope for an inspiring and creative one!

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